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Every Leader in the world is  
trying new things right now...

The Experimental Leader Book offers a systematic approach to experimenting...
With safe-to-fail experiments...

What's inside 
The Experimental Leader 

  • A complete guide to reactive leadership styles, so you can understand your own, and how to stop them
  • A clear path to conduct your first experiment
  • ​Helping you understand data collection and single channel experiments to iterate and improve over time
  • ​Learning how to take experimentation to your team
  • ​Learning how to manage large scale experimentation
  • ​Creating a context for experimentation by understanding Vision, Mission, Values, Strategic Intents, Operational Intents, and Tactical Intents
  • ​Understanding where to experiment by understanding bottlenecks and the theory of constraints
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I've been a coach for 20 years and I have had thousands of conversations with leaders just like you. You may have been promoted after being a top performer or you may have been leading for some time. You probably feel like you aren't confident in your leadership path and hope people don't know you don't know what you are doing as a leader.
I have helped many clients . I have created this book to help you step by step solve the loneliness and to help you create your own path to confident and fulfilling leadership. I want you to have the tools and the path to improve the way you feel about yourself and the way you lead.
Melanie Parish, MCC
Author of Experimental Leader

What will you learn
 from this book?

  • A systematic way to become a great leader
  • A clear path to continuously improve as a leader and help others grapple with leading innovation
  • A way to succeed in uncertainty and to give the exeriments you are already doing the best chance of success


Sandra A. Rotman Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience and Vice-President Research, Baycrest Health Sciences; Managing Director, the Rotman Research Institute and the Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation; Professor, University of Toronto and McMaster University 

”The Experimental Leader provides an entirely new way of approaching leadership—one that offers a methodical and measurable way to achieve real progress in creating a culture of innovation. By applying a scientific, experimental, and modern mindset to leadership, Melanie Parish not only shows leaders how to shed old, unhelpful habits, but also gives them the tools to strive for–and achieve—better outcomes."


Senior Applied Resilience Engineer, Netflix

”For technology companies, building tools to pilot product features and optimize customer experience with A/B testing and measurement of real-world interactions is not new. And yet, applying these same techniques to improving how our organizations perform their work is surprisingly nascent.
Parish delves deeply to illustrate what it looks like when leaders, at all levels, apply the time-tested techniques of inquiry, evaluation, and constant refinement, to a new frame: the daily practice of our work, how groups engage with each other, and ultimately how value is delivered. It works for apps beloved by billions, and it can work just as effectively for your teams and your business... and the Experimental Leader shows you how."


Principal Cloud Advocate, Microsoft.
Author of bestselling tech book DevOps for Dummies

“In her work, Parish brilliantly applies the principles of DevOps — culture, communication, autonomy, feedback, and experimentation — to leadership fundamentals. You will find the tactical steps you need to embrace a growth mindset in your daily work (and life) as a leader in tech. You’ll find yourself reflecting on your leadership style, reevaluating your team’s mission and vision, and enabling everyone in your organization to iteratively improve. Whether you currently manage a team or have your eye on the C-suite, this is the first step in actualizing your leadership potential.”

This book is a 
How-To for Leadership

  • Be the confident leader you are meant to be.
  • ​Understand Vision, Mission, Values, & Intents for clarity and focus
  • ​Use Constraints Management to focus on bottlenecks to supercharge your leadership 
  • ​Productively use experiments and gather data to make intentional, reliable, and incremental improvements


#1 New York Times Bestselling Author

“In The Experimental Leader, Melanie Parish unveils a new way to lead—one that applies the analytical techniques that have driven technological progress to the leadership realm. It’s a remarkable new approach to fostering a culture of innovation that not only works but is long overdue!”

Emmy winning costume designer

“I've been in a leadership position in my profession for over 20 years and Melanie has given me an opportunity to refresh my approach working with my team. I navigate, on a daily basis, a fast moving and multi faceted environment on a television show. This work has helped me to evaluate my current leadership skills and to identify and troubleshoot in areas where I will see positive change for myself and my team. I look forward to using experiments and techniques.”

Head Global Trial Management, Pharma

"In her work, I find Melanie to be inquisitive, insightful, and brave. She asks good questions that have challenged me to think about situations that I face as a leader. Melanie outlines her leadership philosophy and translates this into an accessible menu of strategies that leaders can adopt to support their effectiveness."

Infrastructure Architect, New Relic

“I love the approach to leadership plainly outlined in The Experimental Leader. It gave me access to a new framework and practice to use in my work with our engineering teams.”

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